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Plywood Whole Factory Planning

  • With the development of the plywood industry, the progress of technology and market changes, and the growth of the labor cost and the stringent policy of the environmental protection, plywood industry will have the biggest transformation after opening-up and reforms, many enterprises are facing the automatic upgrade. For most plywood factories, the current state of the industry is both a challenge and an opportunity. Make reasonable adjustment to the strategic target of the whole enterprise, and the intelligent automation upgrade of the enterprise's production technology will make the plywood factory more competitive.
    What is plywood whole plant intelligent plan?
     The whole plant intelligent plan make lean production as the principles. Benchmark may refer to intelligent industrial factory. Plywood intelligent factory automation manufacturing system for the overall design, and planning the implementation of the related module blueprint, including lean supply chain, the factory layout, reconstruction of production automation, intelligent equipment, equipment information management system design and so on. The various production process of plywood production from veneer digging and mending, core board glueing , core paving, core repairing, hot pressing, cold pressing, putting to storage and other links are realizing unmanned intelligent production.
    The principle of intelligent planning for plywood factory.
    ◆To provide smooth operation space for easy production.
    ◆The delivery channel is arranged to reduce the time of transport.
    ◆To improve the unit time capacity and improve the production efficiency of the plywood factory;
    ◆The realization of unmanned workshop, unmanned operation, lower labor cost;
    ◆Easy to find all kinds of irregularities and various wastes;
    ◆To facilitate the production monitoring of each link;
    ◆To provide convenience for production statistics;
    ◆To maintain the flexibility of production and arrangement;
    ◆To provides convenient, comfortable and safe working environment for employees.

  • The basis of planning and planning of plywood factory.
    ● The total space size.
    After determine the plywood whole plant intelligent planning, the area of the section is fixed, the division of the workshop, the process must be within the area, if a certain area is too big, other area can be smaller, so the overall coordination and must be properly allocated.
    ● Capacity design
    The result of the operational planning capacity must meet the design requirements. To meet this requirement, it must have enough area for operations, semi-finished products storage space, the turnover machine, material staging area and other hardware facilities. During the operation planning, the total output of the design can be allocated according to the process capacity, so as to ensure the production capacity of each process meets the requirements.
    ● The principle of process balance.
    Process balance refers to the same production capacity of each process in the production of unit quantity products. Needed by various processes for production capacity, the same number of employees, equipment, work area, space requirements is different, process balance is an important principle in operation planning need to abide by.
    ● The management model
    Different management models have different requirements for the operation planning, which should be combined with the establishment, division and merger of the operation area in combination with the needs of the enterprise management of plywood.
    ● Equipment characteristics
    The equipment quantity, volume size and function have certain influence on the workshop planning.
    ● The mutual characteristics of the process.
    In plywood factory, production process will produce a lot of dust, noise and other pollution, this will have effect on product quality, production safety, operators, and it should be considered in the operation planning.

  • The misunderstanding of traditional plywood factory planning.
    ★The plan is just a map, neglect the power of planning.
    Many plywood factory planners simply believe that plywood factory planning is a drawing to show equipment layout.
    Plywood production technology is in fact a engineering systems, and has the distinct characteristics of industry, it involves many aspects of knowledge and experience, plywood factory construction is a systematic project, in addition to involving the product itself, but also the planning, building, water and electricity, fire protection, environmental construction, production equipment and production line, factory, transport and logistics, labor safety, storage, production site management and so on. It is a series of related field and subprojects, and a combination of these results. Because of the rapid development of the plywood industry, its knowledge and experience are updated very quickly. Therefore, the production technology planning of a plywood enterprise usually requires a team with many professional abilities to complete it.
    Plywood whole plant intelligent planning generally divided into several stages. Each stage must have solid foundation work, each stage and stage achievement should be generated report as the basis of the next stage, the report involves basic data analysis, economic analysis, management analysis and factor analysis, etc. The layout of the production line should be the inevitable result, based on a large number of data analysis.
    Plywood whole plant intelligent planning can make plywood production more efficient, and can effectively reduce the production cost, and help factories to establish a basic process management system, lay the foundation for the factories of self-improvement.

    ★No accurate strategic objective, going after high level aimless.
    At present, many factories ask for more intelligent, numerical control equipment, robot and industry 4.0. Some big scale plywood factories blindly purchase a large number of numerical control equipment, such as robots equipment used in plywood production. It does not adapt with enterprise production reality, will be idle and waste.
    Most of the domestic plywood manufacturing level is low and the management of enterprises is relatively weak. The basic framework of modern industrial production are not perfect,. It is hard to reach 4.0 industrial in this case. For example, a lot of plywood factories have no complete process drawing for plywood, also does not have the modern technological design team (most companies understand plywood process design as down the list), the team will give difficulty to operate a automated plywood factory, so industrial 4.0 is nothing for this.
    The numerical control equipment for plywood production, especially the CNC equipment of plywood, can only complete certain types and special kinds of plywood, not be all-purpose. And background maintenance and the design of machine action programs need more requirements.
    Using robot application in plywood industry also need to be careful, for a specific plywood products and occasions, the robot can play a role. But in much plywood factories, the robot cannot replace human work.

    ★There is no whole staff participation and not accepted by front-line workers .
    Many plywood production technical planning are controlled by few senior members , not for all levels workers. Some front-line workers can not join in this production process, they will be against this new change. There will be some contradictions
    In fact, the end users of plywood production technology are front-line workers, who often have their own understanding and requirements on the production equipment. Therefore, the success of plywood production technology planning depend on the participation of front-line workers, they need try to operate many time, after negotiation and understanding, and finally compromise with each other to achieve the relative equilibrium of each factor. Only accepted by the front-line workers and management personnel, that can be translated into actual production capacity.
    In addition, the modern plywood production technology is not only the responsibility of the manufacturing sector, and also design team ,raw material supplier and sales departments are closely linked, their participation will lead to a better result.




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