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Chanxing’s strategy is to offer intelligent solutions and planning to achieve the best efficiency and raw material utilization rate in veneer,
plywood production process.
100% record customer feedback
100% handle customer feedback
100% review of processing results
100% processing results are fed back to all departments

By coordinating 5 guarantee systems and quickly handling 3 types of after-sales for customer repairs, complaints and claims, 9 processes allow technical, service personnel, regional parts warehouses and related departments to work together to provide timely feedback and solutions to customer needs. Zero tolerance for unmanned response

Global direct spare parts library
Overseas: Semarang Indonesia, Hanoi Vietnam, Yamuna Nagar India, Sihanoukville  Cambodia.
Domestic: Linyi, Heze, Weifang, Suqian, Xuzhou, Guigang, Fusui, Liuzhou, Langfang, Xingtai, Yeji, Zhangzhou, Leshan, Chengdu.

Lifetime technical support
(TAC) is the technical department of the Changxing after-sales service system. It mainly provides accurate and timely remote and on-site technical support for the special after-sales service center, and cooperates with the company's quality and engineering departments to fully, effectively and timely perform the database of product failures and customer pain points. The statistical analysis provides necessary solutions for the special after-sales service center.

Professional and fast after-sales team
After comprehensive and professional training, Changxing's after-sales engineers accept strict management and establish a complete set of work procedures and specifications to ensure that after-sales engineers serve users with professional knowledge and excellent attitude. Strive to achieve the most satisfactory results.

The Changxing Internet of Things intelligent management system integrates the data collector, video monitoring, fault alarm system and other information from the equipment into the management platform or software through wireless connection assistance to realize remote detection, automatic alarm, remote control, diagnosis and maintenance , System linkage, data mining, report and decision support, energy-saving analysis, etc.





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