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Located at Feixian County, Linyi City of Shandong Province,  The  Biggest wood based panel base of  Aisa. Shandong Changxing Machinery Co.,ltd is found in 2003 as the service center for Taiwan Changxing Machinery Co.,ltd, which was founded in 1990 in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.
   Shandong Changxing inherits the best technologies and ideas from Taiwan Changxing. It has been in professional innovation, industrial revolution as its responsibility ,and was committed to the development and absorbing of the world’s most advanced technology for plywood machinery technology. The machines were sold to Philippine, Malaysia,
Indonesia, Vietnam, India, the middle East, Africa, South America, Russian and other countries.

Changxing plywood Machinery team
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Advantage:Operated by only one person
  • Save 70% manpower for mending core.
  • Save 80% manpower for paving core.
  • Save 50% manpower for puttying work.
  • The core would be no overlap, open joint or broken slab.
  • PLC control, unmanned operation ,automatic process, labor saving
  • Precise thickness checking to make thickness uniformly.
  • Servo motor can control overlap and open joint.
  • Using strengthened thread to make the core more flexible, no break.
  • Supported by German Festo, Danfoss,Taiwan Delta,Japanese Miki,Mitsubishi And other top level brands.
  • After sales service centre in Vietnam.




   Add : No.8 Zhenxing Road, Taiyi Industry Park, Feixian County, Linyi City, Shandong Province
   Phone :  86-13695390052
   E-mail :
86-539 5601391
     Skype : angelaliu903
   QQ :  851107848

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