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Our solutions are based on extensive knowledge of plywood production management. We can supply the smart revolution​
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The basis of planning and planning of plywood factory.

 The total space size.
After determine the plywood whole plant intelligent planning, the area of the section is fixed, the division of the workshop, the process must be within the area, if a certain area is too big, other area can be smaller, so the overall coordination and must be properly allocated.

  Capacity design
The result of the operational planning capacity must meet the design requirements. To meet this requirement, it must have enough area for operations, semi-finished products storage space, the turnover machine, material staging area and other hardware facilities. During the operation planning, the total output of the design can be allocated according to the process capacity, so as to ensure the production capacity of each process meets the requirements.

  The principle of process balance.
Process balance refers to the same production capacity of each process in the production of unit quantity products. Needed by various processes for production capacity, the same number of employees, equipment, work area, space requirements is different, process balance is an important principle in operation planning need to abide by.

  The management model
Different management models have different requirements for the operation planning, which should be combined with the establishment, division and merger of the operation area in combination with the needs of the enterprise management of plywood.

  Equipment characteristics
The equipment quantity, volume size and function have certain influence on the workshop planning.

  The mutual characteristics of the process.
In plywood factory, production process will produce a lot of dust, noise and other pollution, this will have effect on product quality, production safety, operators, and it should be considered in the operation planning.
As the plywood market segmented and customizable, and small orders with kinds specification increase, it demands high degree for the refinement of production management. The traditional way of dealing with production information is backward. It can not meet the needs of the manufacturing system, a lot of time spent in the manufacturing of information transmission, material identification and waiting, as the  manufacturing process are not synchronized. As a result, we can often see a large amount of semi-finished products piled up in the workshop and a large number of finished parts waiting for the package.

Plywood factory intelligence planning pay much more attention to use and develop the production management software, using the bar code technology to collect the production data in time ,then analyze and manage. It can make the manufacturing process more accurate and efficient, which can make the manufacturing system to the maximum efficiency.





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