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Veneer Peeling Machine

  • 4ft and 8ft Wood Log Rotary Debarker Machine
    .Increase of single and double roll’s diameter, improving the speed of remove skin.

    2.Single, double roll surface with chrome plating, improve wear resisting of roller.

    3.The hydraulic feeding mechanism, a cutter, rapid, and feed pressure can be adjusted and display, adapt to different wood .

    4.Simple operation, convenient maintenance, requirements for operators and workers is not high technology.

    5.With hydraulic fedding system, it can work quickly and efficiently.

    6.One debarker can supply two peeling machines. It can save the original manual peeling and rounding procedure, saving 5-6 workers.
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  • plywood face and back veneer peeling machine
    1. High performance CNC system control feeding. The board is smooth, with high productivity.

    2. The feeding system adopts the screw and screw nuts. The screw nuts adopt the magnesium aluminum alloy, copper and other materials. So it is with long service life.

    3. Automatic adjustment of cutting system, skin is much more uniform and smooth. Apply to woods with different diameters.

    4. During the rotary cutting production, the machine can adjust the thickness of two kinds of veneer constantly and won't cause the crack of the veneers.

    5. Block type screw and slider, high-precision and energy-saving.

    6. The NC rotary and leather cutting are in one, so the machine is with high productivity and labor-saving.
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  • 2700mm spindle face veneer peeling lathe
    Spindle Face Veneer Peeling Lathe are mainly used for precious face veneer and big diameter logs peeling, like Okume, Birch, Beech, etc. Its min. peeling thickness can reach 0.1mm, max. peeling log diameter is 1500mm. Our machine have been exported to Russia, Gabon, India, Europe, etc for more than 30 countries. Its full automatic peeling line and accurate peeling thickness are highly welcomed from our customer. We adopts automatic Taiwan Delta control system, all motors are Huali brand, thickness adjustment is can be controlled by both CNC and gear. It is quality guaranteed machine.
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  • Recon veneer production line machine used hot sale veneer slicer machine for sale
    1 Double V-chutes are used for both sides the machine, with high parallel; special polymer wear-resistant material coated on the surface.Machine runs in higher stability and with less friction.

    2 Serve motor control system is used for timber feeding, guarantees the veneer thickness in a high precision, avoiding blade scratch on the timber

    3 Whole casted beam holds the log stongly, and hydraulic driven hooks clamp the log tightly and effectively. Vacuum disc system is used inside the log beam to help holding the big timber in order to avoid logs deforming or dropping down during cutting procedure

    4 All switch button are gathered in a cabinet.Single person can operate the machine avoiding the dangerous caused by fault

    5 Special designed big size driving gear runs smoothly with a low noie when it runs in a high speed
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