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What is the way out for upstream and downstream manufacturers in the wood industry in 2022?

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The biggest sadness of the enterprise is:


Wait until the epidemic is over?

Wait until the market recovers?

Waiting for talent to be recruited?

Wait until the economy stabilizes?

Waiting for the customer to come in?

Wait until the cost is reduced?

Have you waited for so many years?

The three business talents are:

Timing, location, people

May I Ask

Are we all the same?

The epidemic, the market, and the domestic and foreign economies are all the same

Are all people the same? Exhibition sales, channels, customer networks, etc. are very different. 

But why not consider teamwork? Not for all but for use!

Are people's resources more different?

Indeed, people are the biggest gap!

The goal and vision determine the corporate strategy

determines the height of the team

The circle determines your cognition

Rather than saying that the epidemic market has ruined your business, it is better to say that there is a lack of awareness of learning and teamwork!

Solution ?

When a company does not have a mature management system, it will do what it thinks. The boss of the company has to take part in the company's affairs in person. In the end, he was so busy that he became the company's fire extinguisher. The team members had nothing to do with their faces!

When a company does not have a complete marketing system, it will think about where to do it, such as internal order grabbing, malicious bidding, and difficulty in collecting payment for goods. Marketing can't form a combination punch, can't let customers buy automatically, can only rely on luck, price and debt to make performance!

When a company does not have a perfect product system, it will sell whatever it wants to sell. There is no replacement of old and new products, no funnel can be formed, no customers can continue to buy, only new customers can be developed every day! When you are the leader of the team, but you are still working hard, you are bound to be tired.

Therefore, as a manager, you must be idle; those who are managers must be more idle than their subordinates! The most important job in management is to keep your subordinates busy first, and then do the rest of the difficult things yourself; don't do what your subordinates can do, otherwise you will be busy and your subordinates will be idle;

When you are free, you have time to think about things that others can't think of, and plan for a longer-term future. When you are busy, you can only be busy, picking up sesame seeds and throwing away watermelons.

What should you learn when you are free? Learn how to manage people? How to hold a group? Of course, it's not that people control people to death. So learn to use the system to manage.

The boss only does these two things, digging deep into the management and taking advantage of the external cooperation!

The Yimu Shopping Sharing Alliance has a complete management system and is willing to share it with you!

1、Organization structure

Planning for the next three to five years

2、Strategic planning

Clarify the future strategic direction of the organization

3、promotion channel

Clarify the direction of organizational talent promotion

4、Work analysis

Clarify the responsibilities, rights and interests of each position

5、salary incentives

Know how much money you can get

6、performance appraisal

What's the result of good or bad

7、target responsibility

Responsibility to specific personnel

8、Promotion Criteria:

Standardize promotion paths and conditions

9、Talent introduction manual

Find the best talent for your company

Yimugo has a complete management system and mechanism system,

Willing to share with you!

Yimugo has perfect after-sales sales channels in domestic and foreign wood industry gathering places.

Willing to share with you!

Yimugo has China's first professional plywood plant planning and design institute for market-oriented operation.

Willing to share with you!

Yimugo has the largest one-stop professional wood procurement platform in China.

Willing to share with you!

The general trend of the world will be divided for a long time, and the extremely tragic involution makes us only choose to stay warm, share resources, share the national unified market, and share the era trend of a global community of shared future!

Welcome to Yimu Shopping Sharing Alliance

Co-construction of an integrated complex of business, warehouse and logistics

Create, share, win-win!

Scope of cooperative manufacturers:

Hardware labor insurance, plywood factory accessories, electrical control, electromechanical transmission, wood machinery, foreign trade companies, face veneer and core veneer, chemical glue factories, financial leasing, forklifts, stainless steel cushions, etc.

Address: Muji City, Yitang Town, Lanshan District, Linyi City, Shandong Province

Cooperation Tel: Mr. Zhang 188 5399 3093

Miss Gao 131 0539 7296



The Yimugo Sharing Alliance was initiated by Shandong Changxing Group, in conjunction with China Forest Machinery Association, National Woodworking Intelligent Innovation Alliance, Guangxi Forestry Industry Industry Association, Linyi Wood Industry Association Woodworking Machinery Branch, Yimugo (Shanghai) Supply Chain Co., Ltd., A professional wood industry whole industry chain platform established by China Wood Industry Information Network and Global Wood Industry Network. It has 1 planning and design institute and 20 large-scale warehouse-style 4S stores. The focus is on the global plywood industry belt. Among them, Linyi Yimu Shopping Mall and Nanning Yimu Shopping Mall are the two largest flagship stores in the north and south of the company.

The Yimu Shopping Alliance Platform is China's first collection of plywood factory design and planning, wood machinery exhibition center, hardware and electrical machinery, intelligent demonstration lighthouse factory, core board veneer, accessories, whole house customization, labor insurance supplies, office supplies, supply chain finance The Linyi Alliance Industrial Park covers a total area of about 20,000 mu and is located in the core area of the wood industry cluster.


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