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Welcome the leaders of Guigang Industrial Park to visit Changxing

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On the 3.9th, the leaders of Guigang Industrial Park visited Changxing

Zhuang Guangyao, Director of the Municipal Industrial Park Management Committee; Huang Jianwen, Deputy Director of the Municipal Industrial Park Management Committee; Chen Kehua, Deputy Chief of the Investment Promotion Service Section of the Municipal Industrial Park; Tao Guanyu, cadre of the Municipal Industrial Park Enterprise Service Section; Guangxi Zhonglin Decoration Materials Group Co., Ltd. Chairman Dong Xiaolin; General Manager of Guangxi Zhonglin Decoration Materials Group Co., Ltd. He Ming; General Manager of Shenzhen Shunxing Wood Co., Ltd. Liu Dengwen; Deputy General Manager of Shenzhen Shunxing Wood Co., Ltd. Zhang Congwei; Guigang Siyang Wood Co., Ltd. Administrative Manager Qiu Yunwen;

Li Jie, Chairman of Changxing Group; Wang Yonglin, General Manager of Changxing Group; Zhang Guanyun, Executive Vice President of Changxing Group and General Manager of Yimugo; Fu Xinnian, Deputy General Manager of Changxing Group Production Center;accompanied by Gao Li, assitantant of chairman,  etc


Chairman Li Jie delivered a welcome speech;General Manager Wang Yonglin shared the production and operation scale of Changxing Group;



Zhang Guanyun, executive vice president and general manager of Yimugo, introduced the market layout plan of Changxing Group represented by Yimugo Supply Chain Company:

Yimugo (Shandong) Supply Chain Company is a subsidiary of Shandong Changxing Group. It is a collection of plywood factory design and planning + wood machinery exhibition and sales + board factory accessories + hardware tools + labor protection supplies + office supplies + rotary cutting veneer, etc. Form purchase Qi, professional service company. It has 1 planning and design institute and 20 large-scale warehouse-style 4S stores. The focus is on the layout of global plywood production bases, 5 in foreign countries and 15 in China. Initiated by our Shandong Changxing Group, in conjunction with China Forest Machinery Association, National Woodworking Intelligent Innovation Alliance, Guangxi Forestry Industry Industry Association, Linyi Wood Industry Association Woodworking Machinery Branch, Yimu Shopping (Shanghai) Supply Chain Co., Ltd., China Wood Industry Information Network , Global Wood Industry Network, etc., a professional wood industry whole industry chain platform Yimu Shopping Sharing Alliance. It has six functions of "display, warehousing, logistics, transaction, distribution, and Internet of Things", and integrates the whole chain of the wood industry. After the completion of the wood machine city, it will become:

The never-ending convention center

Cloud warehouse center with unlimited capacity

Full service trading center

The interconnected center of everything in the wood industry


The two sides had an in-depth discussion on the development and strategic cooperation of Changxing Group in Guigang.


Visit Yimu Shopping Mall.


Shandong Changxing (Group) Co., Ltd. will continue to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the enterprise based on scientific and technological progress. With the mission of "professional innovation, driving the industry", we will build an internationally competitive wood machinery manufacturing enterprise with leading domestic and international market shares and become the leading wood machinery enterprise in China.



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