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Warmly welcome experts and professors from Tsinghua University to visit and guide

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On March 8th, 2022, Intelligent robot R&D team of Academician Zhang cymbal of the Institute of Artificial Intelligence of Tsinghua University, accompanied by Chairman Li Jie, General Manager Wang Yonglin, Deputy General Manager Zhu Yejun, Deputy General Manager Fu Xinnian, Assistant Chairman Gao Li, and R&D Director Li Hao Conduct in-depth exchanges on the cooperation direction of intelligent robots, and reach cooperation intentions in the research and development of intelligent robots and visual recognition systems.


Chairman Li Jie mainly introduced the improvement of the core competitiveness of plywood by the whole plant planning:

With the development of the plywood industry, technological progress and market changes, as well as the increase in human resource costs and the stricter national environmental protection policies, the plywood industry is facing the biggest industry adjustment since the reform and opening up, and many companies are facing automation upgrades. For most plywood companies, the current state of the industry is actually both a challenge and an opportunity. Reasonable adjustments to the strategic goals of the entire enterprise and intelligent automation upgrades to the production technology of the enterprise will make the plywood factory more core competitiveness.


With the segmentation and customization of the plywood market, as well as the generalization of the small batch and multi-variety order production mode, the requirements for the refinement of production management are getting higher and higher. The traditional manual processing methods of production information are not accurate or timely. It has become more and more behind the actual needs of the manufacturing system, and a lot of time is spent on the transmission of manufacturing information, the identification of materials and the waiting caused by the asynchronous manufacturing process. Therefore, we can often see a large accumulation of semi-finished products between various processes in the workshop or a large number of finished parts waiting to be packaged.

The intelligent planning of the whole plant of the plywood factory attaches great importance to the development and application of production management software. Through barcode technology to collect production data in time, and application software for analysis and management, the manufacturing process can be made more accurate and efficient, so that the production and manufacturing system can be maximized.


Shandong Changxing (Group) Co., Ltd. will continue to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the enterprise based on scientific and technological progress. With the mission of "professional innovation, driving the industry", we will build an internationally competitive wood machinery manufacturing enterprise with leading domestic and international market shares and become the leading wood machinery enterprise in China.



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