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Vertical Plywood Veneer Drying Machine

Core veneer roller dryer machine

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core veneer roller dryer machine is used to remove Excessive moisture, the fresh core veneers moisture percent is about 60-80%, then we will use dryer machine to dry, then the final moisture percent is about 8-12%.the machine specifciation is not fixed,it need to be customized according to client's the moisture of the veneer,the veneer thickness, the veneer size , the capacity per day.... these influence the machine specification.

so if you know the below data,please kindly tell us before you purchasing roller type dryer machine:

1,mositure of the veneer

2,veneer length,veneer width and veneer thickness

3,how much capacity veneer will be dryed per day

4,the working time per day 

specifcaition (this specification only is as reference)

Effective working width:2800mm
Working deck:1
Length of heating sections:10*3000=30000mm
Length of cooling sections:1*3000=3000mm
Total installed power :90kw
For transportation :11kw*1=11kw
For heating:7.5kw*10=75kw
For cooling :4kw*1=4kw
Feed speed:1-30m/min
Drying method:Hot air,steam or Thermal oil
Veneer thickness:1-6mm
Initinal moisture content:60%
Veneer moisture after veneer dryer :<12%
Dry capacity:1.2-1.6m3/hr
Dimension :33000*4400*2300mm
Total weight :34T


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