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Essential elements of plywood factory planning

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There is no whole staff participation and not accepted by front-line workers .

Many plywood production technical planning are controlled by few senior members , not for all levels workers. Some front-line workers can not join in this production process, they will be against this new change. There will be some contradictions

In fact, the end users of plywood production technology are front-line workers, who often have their own understanding and requirements on the production equipment. Therefore, the success of plywood production technology planning depend on the participation of front-line workers, they need try to operate many time, after negotiation and understanding, and finally compromise with each other to achieve the relative equilibrium of each factor. Only accepted by the front-line workers and management personnel, that can be translated into actual production capacity.

In addition, the modern plywood production technology is not only the responsibility of the manufacturing sector, and also design team ,raw material supplier and sales departments are closely linked, their participation will lead to a better result.

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The lack of cost analysis.

Most plywood factories do not pay attention to cost analysis in the planning of mechanical production, it will have a low benefit of production system.

In fact, cost analysis should run through the whole design process. Cost analysis should cover equipment investment cost, manufacturing cost, maintenance cost and other financial risk aversion. These cost analysis should play a decisive role in the decision-making of investors and have practical guiding significance to the operation of the production system in the future.

Less investment in software, the degree of development and utilization for software is low.

Most plywood factories in production technology planning pay much attention on production equipment such as the investment of hardware, but less attention on software investment and development, so the process of selecting and deal with production information greatly reduce the production efficiency.

The software is not only the product design software and financial software, but also the software for analysis and application of various basic data, and production management software. The most important thing is to develop those software. 


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