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Deepening win-win cooperation

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   Shandong Changxing Company and Malaysia EUNIAN Precision Technology SDN BHD reached strategic cooperation


   In order to implement the national "One Belt And One Road" strategy and enhance the mutually beneficial and win-win cooperation with foreign enterprises, Shandong Changxing Wood Machinery Co., Ltd. actively went out and reached a strategic cooperation agreement with Malaysia EUNIAN Precision Technology SDN BHD

   As the first level agent and service provider of Shandong Changxing Company in Malaysia and Indonesia, with the advantages of products and services of Shandong Changxing Company, and combined with the influence of EUNIAN Company in Southeast Asia, EUNIAN Precision Technology will jointly promote and develop the transformation and upgrading and intelligent manufacturing of plywood industry in Southeast Asia.

   Shandong Changxing Company focuses on promoting the strategic transformation of wood machinery from quantity expansion to quality improvement, speeding up the transformation and upgrading from traditional manufacturing industry to intelligent manufacturing industry, and walking out of a road of transformation of specialization, differentiation and high-end. Now it has become an expert in intelligent planning of plywood whole factory. We can provide customers with short core composer, long core composer, finger joint composer and automatic assembly production lines, to realize the intelligent manufacturing of plywood production, and become a flagship enterprise with international competitiveness and international visibility in China, leading the development of the industry.

   Founded in 1993, EUNIAN had been the 1-stop solutions provider in both Smart Control Systems & Plywood Manufacturing Solutions. We understand every aspect of plywood processing and deliver the exact solutions to the markets.

   With more than 28 years of hand-on experience in the plywood manufacturing process, EUNIAN had designed and developed a series of practical and application specific solutions that cater for today's stringent plywood manufacturing environment.

   Today, EUNIAN had built up a customer network throughout Asia, Africa and South America. The success behind this is the trust that had built up between EUNIAN and her clients, and EUNIAN solutions truly generate values!

   We believe that the combination of the two companies will surely provide more advanced and more intelligent equipment for the plywood industry in China and Southeast Asia, and help the plywood industry to realize the strategic goal of Industry 4.0 as soon as possible.


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