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" 14th Five-year Plan" period wood processing industry will usher in new turning point

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By 2025, the total output value of China's forest and grass industry will reach 9 trillion yuan, and the annual import and export volume will reach 195 billion US dollars, basically forming a relatively complete modern forest and grass industry system, and initially establishing the status of a strong country in international trade of forest and grass products.

The goals are outlined in the Forest and Grass Industry Development Plan (2021-2025), which was issued by the National Forestry and Grassland Administration.

Statistics obtained from the State Forestry and Grass Administration show that the total output value of China's forest and grass industry reached 8.1 trillion yuan in 2020, forming three pillar industries with an annual output value of more than one trillion yuan: planting and gathering of economic forest products, wood processing and manufacturing of wood and bamboo products, and forestry tourism and leisure services.

At present, there are 511 national leading forestry enterprises, 37 preferential areas for agricultural products with Chinese characteristics, 550 national underforest economic demonstration bases, and 96 national forest health and conservation bases. About 20% of farmers' income in some forest areas and mountainous areas comes from forest products, and over 60% in some key forestry counties.

On the morning of February 11, the State Forestry and Grass Administration (SFA) announced the second batch of designated national forestry industry demonstration parks, including the Anguo Traditional Chinese Medicine Industry Demonstration Park in Hebei Province. So far, national forestry industry demonstration park achieves 75.

State bureau of trees and relevant controller introduces, national forestry industry demonstration zone is the important carrier of local regional advantage industry, around the various units to strengthen the construction and management of the park, supporting policy, give full play to its in promoting regional economic development, speed up the local optimization adjustment of industrial structure, accelerate high-tech industry cluster formation, etc.


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